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For my Job

Praise the Lord. I live in India.Previously i was working with a Company Called
Slash Support. I was there for the past Eight Months.I faced several problems
because of my team Leader.He illitreated me and because of him i resigned my
job and i joined in another Company Called COGNIZANT (working now). I am waiting for
my Experience Certificate from my previous comopany.One day night at 11 they
asked me to leave the office. I was tensed at that time and i did'nt know what
to do. So i came by walk to my place. Then one of my Manager called and apologized.
They asked me to come on April 13 th to get my Experience letter. Please pray
that they should give me that. In my present company they wil make a background
check to my previous company.Please spend your precious time for me and PRAY that everything
should go fine.

Submitted Fri Apr 11 02:57:01 +0000 2008


Raminakai  Mon Apr 14 03:45:10 +0000 2008
Dear Delphine,
I know how much you pray for others, and are concerned about others. I would be happy to pray for you too!
Dear ALmighty GOd,
I thank you for Delphine's heart of concern and love for others. I thank you for her trust in you and her love of sharing you with others. I thank you for her faith, and for her kindness. I know that you love her deeply and will do what is best for her. I ask you to grant her great favor at her job, and that she do well in her profession.
I ask you to provide, protect and cover her in every way.
I pray that any ill feeling from her previous employer be dismissed and forgotten. That she recieve her Experience letter, and that there is no mention of anything negative, only neutral or postive comments.
I ask you to provide new co- workers and superviors that understand what a valued employee Delphine is, and what a good person she is inside. Promote her along, in your timing. Give her abundant opportunities to
Jesus, I ask you to lead Delphine's path. Remove the mountains, and prepared her way.Speak to her heart continually , and give her wisdom that is from you to conduct her life with. I pray that she be lead in a life of great peace, secure in your reality. Be real to her everyday. Show her YOur power in her life.
We lift her up to you for a touch and blessing beyond what she could ask or think. In Jesus Name,

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Submitted by Delphine from India

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