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Sometimes the socalled followers of christ undermine my good ideas and things that I do, why?4him3

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I let them do the same thing things were going well and I was blind sided by someting I never dreamed would happen in the body of Christ

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Raminakai  Fri Apr 25 10:35:25 +0000 2008
Dear 4Him,
I read your prayer request, and the first thing I thought was, " Because we are all sinners."
Even though we are saved by grace, and justified when we recieve Him as our Saviour, we all have this journey, process, called, " Sanctification "
THis is where the Holy Spirit begins to transform us to be more like Jesus- and it is rough going most of the time. I know for me it has been, and is.
Our natural ways of doing things- being selfish, greedy, jealous, prideful,tempermental,lustful, all the things that are talked about in Galatians 5:19, are what are natural to us human creatures. We want to see the works of Your Spirit , that bless your heart. We need you so much!
When we become Christians, the Holy Spirit begins to come alongside as a helper , to change us. But, for most of us, its slow going, and thank God for GRACE, which covers it all. We make progress, we think, and then have set backs.
Then when we are grouped together all of our issues seem to rise up, and we act out on each other. Which can be hurtful, but also can be a great chance to learn about how to be real, and honest, and pray for each other in our faults. ( That is something our pride hates, but that is why we are there- because we know we need God)
So, remember we are all in a process of growth. We are all in different points in it. God works in different things in each of us at different seasons of our lives.
Do not be discouraged in your creative ideas, and dreams that God has put inside you. THere is testing God puts us through to help us shift through our goals, ideas and ambitions , so that our motives will be found pure and in line with His best for us.
He is using , even others' unkindness, brutality and rudeness, to make YOU into a graceful person, who knows how to turn to HIM to fight your battles. He knows the unfair and unjust things that happen to you and cares. He will repay you.
There are times to ask God for wisdom about when and how you should confront people to help them grow. I have had so many weird things happen in churches that have taken me years to gain perspective on.
I am basically a pleasant person who does not like to confront, so I held a lot of it in in the past, and let it hurt me.
If I told you all the insane things that happen to me in church- you'd be shocked and scandelized. I am just now having the courage to go back and be a part of a body again. It took years of healing and growth for God to get me here-
Now, I ask God to show me what to do in each situation. Some times He does show me that I need to say, " Excuse me, what did you mean by that? I am confused by your comment. " Or whatever.
Some of it, I overlook. When I blow it, I am quick to ask for forgiveness. I pray for God to show me what He wants me to see in that situation.
We people hurt each other. Lord, help us all. All I can control really is me.All you can control is you.
I will pray that God sends you people to encourage you. There are people God will bring to give you the uplift you need, and to affirm the things He is doing in you.
Dear Heavenly Father,
I thank you for this prayer. I am sure that all of us have had struggles with this. THe church is full of these sinners! We all sin and fall short of your desire that we dwell in unity. Instead there is back bitting, pettiness, unkindness, rudeness- you know it well, Lord. THere is even that in me.
I ask you to give 4Him a special touch of your grace that allows her to understand that people are flawed, yes, even your people. Give her an ability to love herself, and them anyway.
I ask you to send people to see the gifts, talents, and special abilites that you have given 4him. I ask you to give her ears to hear Your Holy Spirit whispers that say," Do not give up. I have choosen you. I will not forget you. I will use you and give you priceless treasures. "
I thank you for not giving up on us, even when others may try to de-value your work in us.
I ask you to grant 4him the grace to not give up in the refining process when you teach us how to handle our gifts, tools in ways that are constructive. We all have to practice, to learn, to use the gifts you give us.
Thank you for her heart that is tender and sensative. I pray that you give her so much joy that she doesn't care what others think about her, but fully know that you love her and accept her the way she is.
Allow her to be free to do and be all the things you called her to be. Thank you for her and her good ideas that you will bring her oppertunity to grow, in your time.
In the meanwhile, give her joy, delight, in little things you bring her way. I do pray she find a group of people she can grow safely with, and just be appreciated by for being herself. She is a gift.Never let her give up!

Protect her, provide for her, a place to belong. Thank you for bringing her here. We love her here, and she belongs to us. Thank you for our sister!
In Jesus Name,

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4him3  Fri Apr 25 15:53:19 +0000 2008
Thank u so much you are a gift

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Raminakai  Mon Apr 28 13:18:29 +0000 2008
Thank you for saying so! You are Too!
In Christ,

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goodthings4martin  Fri Jun 20 03:10:40 +0000 2008
i pray you feel up and higher amen

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4him3  Wed Aug 27 15:23:18 +0000 2008
i had to come backand read what you wrote me, I feel back into a pit of depression, I appreciate you so much Rami, thank you Martin God bless you

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