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An end to loneliness

Please pray that the Lord can bless me with a solid christian relationship. I feel that I have learned a lot during my singlness and I'm ready to date. Please pray that the Lord can place people and opportuntities into my path. Please pray for defeat over loneliness, and the chance at a Christ Centered relationship with a strong christian man.

Prayer request made golden: Sat May 03 17:01:25 +0000 2008

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Raminakai  Sat May 03 13:01:27 +0000 2008
Dear Heavenly Father,
I thank you for the fact that you are in control of all that concerns us. We praise you for being the author of romance, and know exactly how and when to bring each of us the right mate.
You know the longings we have in our hearts, and are going ahead of you to prepare the right provision that will bless.You save the very best for those who place their trust in You.

I thank you for preparing a man to love, adore and charish this young lady who obviously loves you so much.
I ask you to give him the clarity and sure ness, and confidence, when you bring her along his path, to pursue her.

I pray that she is able to be in rest, and peace and joy while she trusts in You to prepare this , and provide the man that is to be her yolk- partner, and her friend in You.
I know that you know who to match together and that you know whom we would enjoy and who would be blessed by her.
I ask you to give her faith to know that you are attending at this very moment for her need of a husband.
Prepare them both to be the biggest blessings for each other. Help kept them both pure while they allow you to write their love story.
We know that You hear and that you answer according to your perfect will. We know that perfect love casts out fear, and I pray that she will not fear that you will not answer, but be settled in her heart that You know her, and will answer her hearts desire to be a wife, and to minister to her husband.
Continue to bless her. THank you for her big heart and concern for others.
Thank you for her gifts, talents and abilites that you have choosen to be her gifts to the world. We thank you that you will give her a man who will give her the freedom to fully be the expression of the woman you want her to be.
Give her strength while she waits upon You.
Thank you Lord for the answer to this prayer.
Go , Heavenly Matchmaker and get her a great deal! You know how to give the perfect gifts to your children at exactly the right time.
In Jesus Name,
"A three- fold cord is not easily broken" Ecclesiates 4:12

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Longing4Jesus  Sun May 04 11:50:07 +0000 2008
LORD Jesus,

You alone, know just how much I can fully relate to this great and deep need of this young woman. For her, I ask you to not only provide a solid answer to this desire, but all the more for a strengthening of her faith in You, to be assured that You will provide, just as You have promised to show Yourself faithful unto those who place their hope and full trust in You. LORD, as You know, we live in a world so corrupt, so wicked, that the external pressures to conform is immense and often unbearable, especially for those of us seeking to live above reproach, and aiming to live a pure and holy live dedicated to You. Give Your children the strength to uphold Your standards as we await Your perfect provision. God I ask you for a very special romance for this young woman, pure, lovely, true, dedicated, holy and absolutely wonderful for her and for her future spouse. We ask You that he would be a real man of faith, support, honesty, integrity, truthfulness, spiritually strong and giving, selfless and kind, genuine and real. A man who has and will continue to keep You above all, first in his life, and that that lifestyle would pour over into his future relationship with this young woman. I ask you, LORD Jesus, to sustain her and keep her safe and secure in Your love, not only now while she waits on You, but even when You do reveal Your plan for her in the future. May she be unshakable and true as she awaits Your hand of deliverance from the pain and sting of being alone. You created her for relationships with others and I ask You to giver the desire of her hear for a godly man, a man after Your own heart. So, in the words of Your Son, Jesus Christ, in Your name we ask that You would provide for not only this desire of hers, but all the more for this need of hers. Keep her encouraged and blessed as she waits on You. Give her the desire of her heart.

In Your Holy Name,


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mariaalexander  Fri Oct 21 12:35:19 +0000 2016
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